Tuesday, August 4, 2009

august 5th. happy anniversary. 20 years.

 on our first date he took me to one of the best restaurants in town overlooking the ocean. he had pursued me for weeks. it was pouring rain. (i met him at the restaurant because i didn't know him well enough to tell him where i lived plus i had made plans with friends for later in the evening). we had a wonderful time, i took him to meet my friend afterwards and we have been inseparable from that day on. we married a couple years later on a hot summer day at the beach in front of family and friends. we arrived in a pink 1961 convertible cadillac. local kids launched water balloons at us while we said our vows. i had a fancy 'church wedding dress complete with a four foot train' as we had planned on a church wedding, but then couldn't afford the cost. overlooking the ocean in the blazing heat, it was a simple, but beautiful wedding. twenty years later, we have two amazing kids and a house full of animals. we still live a few miles from where it all started and our life still revolves around the beach. as we continue to learn and grow-up together facing challenges and pursuing good times hand in hand, our love continues to grow.