Sunday, August 16, 2009

boho girl.

i stumbled upon bohogirl this morning, (that's why i love, love, love etsy) and i am absolutely smitten. 

Denise Lynette Andrade's photography draws you in.  her love of self (❥ the love myself eating plan),  baby cedar and boho boy is heartwarming and her journey is captivating

a beautiful true bohemian spirit. 

my words can not describe the beauty. 

take a look.


  1. very beautiful images, the last one is my fav!!

  2. me, too, although her 'artist' model photos on her website are amazing as well.

  3. I absolutely adore Denise ! I love the way she is so open and honest on her blog!!

  4. i feel so honored that you wrote this. thank you from the bitty bottom of my heart.

    denise (boho girl)


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