Thursday, August 20, 2009

DIY. bohemian wrapsody. skirt.

i ran across this tear sheet (that i've held on to since 12/2007) this morning from the gone, but not forgotten, blueprint magazine. i have (finally) decided to make this skirt and thought i'd share the super easy instructions. this skirt can easily be made in many different fabrics depending on the look you’re after. i love the sexy way the fabric drapes, fitted in the front and flirty in the back. this is an inexpensive way to create an effortless bohemian style skirt. Worn with a t-shirt, layered necklaces and Havianna flip-flops for day, or in taffeta worn with a silky camisole, a bold and colorful statement necklace and strappy heels for an evening soiree. 

bohemian wrapsody. skirt.

this bohemian ankle-length skirt is as easy to make and wear as a sarong.

first, start with 2 to 3 yards of 60-inch wide cotton voile, washed linen, rayon or for an evening out, raw silk taffeta. I chose soft washed cotton, as I wanted to make an everyday, casual skirt.

next, finish the edges by sewing machine or leave raw if you don’t mind a hippie-ish, unfinished look.

now, hold one corner of fabric against your left hip (leave a little extra in your hand to tie the knot with), then, wrap the fabric twice around your body. (2 yards is approximately a size small, 3 yards would be a large).

take a small handful of fabric about 6 inches in from the corner you just wrapped around your body and double-knot it to the corner you're holding against your hip (this is where the extra fabric comes in).

lastly, move the draped part so it falls down the center of the back of the skirt. 

voilá! adapted from blueprint magazine.