Wednesday, August 26, 2009

summer to fall.

while, it is actually 100 degrees here today in beautiful southern california, i am moving, ever so slowly, into fall. lately, my thoughts are wandering to apple cake, harvest soups, scarves (i can't seem to stop buying scarves) and sticks. yes, sticks. 

i am intriqued by driftwood, twigs, branches, weathered wood, rusty elements, grey beach stones and my latest color crush, wisteria. this is quite a contrast from my usual infactuation with the exotic colors of india. it may be short lived, but while in this mode, i simply can't get enough. 

today's inspiration:


  1. great post! i love everything! :)

  2. very beautiful post..I'm leaving for my summer vacation but yes I can't wait for fall too and scarves!!

  3. well you can just think of me, here in michigan wearing a sweater because today it is rainy and cold...soup weather!


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