Friday, November 27, 2009

'60's surf culture.

{photo found via aviatornation}.

with the holidays finally here,
and wish lists and hints
flying around like paper airplanes,

along with a recent trip
to my childhood beach in malibu,
love this photo taken in L.A.
{found via 2or3things}

i've been really inspired to encourage the
1950's-1960's surf culture vibe that
my family is currently infactuated with by purchasing
retro-inspired and vintage gifts.

while, there are some really, really cool 'new' lines
like ando and friends, yellow rat and patagonia,
who i will be supporting,

love these retro hodad pants from
{who wouldn't?}

this really cool tee,

and super cute girl's tee.
{both from ando}.

yellow rat.

i also love the idea of buying vintage
and supporting indie sellers.

i peeked around on etsy
and found some very cool items that fit in perfectly
with the vintage vibe i'm seeking.

i love these shirts.

this cool 1966 beach boys album
recycled into a journal notebook.

gorgeous vintage wayfarers.

another really, cool shirt.

a kodak instamatic movie camera
to shoot surf flicks.

and yet another totally sweet
vintage '60's vibe surfer's jacket.

while today's post isn't about us girls,
i couldn't resist sharing
this perfect, vintage beach bag.

{if source is not listed, please click on photo for details}.


  1. Great picks! Thanks for including mine!

  2. hello! i've just found your blog :)
    it is very nice and i'll be a follower from now on

  3. okay, 'let's go surfing now' - had to be said! love harlow monroe and going to go take a peek at some of these new shops

  4. I'm so glad to have found this fabulous blog {and shop!}


  5. Great vintage finds! and i love the girly tee by ando!

  6. Thank you so much for featuring items from our boutique! I just need a vintage woody vehicle & a couple of vintage surfboards to go with our Airstream :)

  7. Now I can't get that Beach Boys song off my mind - thank you very much AlexKeller. Very cool surfer inspired finds. I think a trip to Cali needs to be done soon! Oh Santa....


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