Sunday, November 8, 2009

bohemian winter.

after spending
the weekend window shopping
with my daughter,
looking for my 'holiday' outfit
{or how i can just
buy new super sexy shoes
and wear something i already have}
these below from j.crew are way too much,
but i love, love, love beautiful shoes

and my son getting a job {last night}
at a local Christmas tree farm,

i am
in the mood for winter.

love this tree from pottery barn.
woodland with...glitter.


wanting fingerless mittens {still}, holiday decor,
a beautiful sweater,
biker boots and a peppermint mocha latte
right about now.

what's on your wish list?

{click on photos for source}


  1. sigh......i'm so in the mood for all things holiday.........

  2. Very lovely post! It puts me in the mood to get a fire going in the fireplace, curl up in a warm chunky cardigan, and sip hot cocoa. And the holiday notion gets me excited to set up my vintage aluminum tree *forest* around the house. Tis the season :)

  3. the peace sign is so pretty I want one!! I always have tons of things on my wish list then I realize that of course I don't need them!! my dad just bought me the new sting album that I wanted for xmas and it's the best album since ages..I want a new parfume a chunky scarf and a bright coat!!

  4. oooh! my wishlist? just cash for a new camera! but i already told brett we are putting up the tree soon! i just LOVE warm coffee, cold rainy days, boots and louis armstrong christmas music. it's the BEST!!

  5. Totally all about the holiday design at Starbucks.. its november and i'm already feeling the holiday spirit, it just cheers me up. Great post cherie!

  6. your blog is so pretty! I love to come see the world through your eyes! :)

  7. This post helped me get in the holiday spirit. I love the photo with the lights and chair. And i haven't even thought about a wish list yet. Eek!

  8. Great post. great photos, your blog is so asthetically ( sp?) pleasing. it is a breath of fresh air....
    love those fingerless gloves....


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