Monday, November 30, 2009

gypset girl.

i admit it, i am fashion obessed.
i change my style by the day,
but when i'm feeling it,
i am so feeling it.

today, i am loving gypset style.

{via whowhatwear}

what is gypset?

take the gypsy traveling lifestyle,
blend it with indie artist,
hippy and bohemian fashionista style
and you have gypset.


first, i'll need the faux vest
to wear with my jeans.

i'll definitely be wearing these.
tenthings. bohemia. hoops.

i'm pretty simple, so the jeans, vintage t-shirt,
lots of jewelry, boots, a feather in my hair
and the vest will complete my look.
hey, i might even wear it to costco and the post office.

if you're loving this style like i am, you can easily make it your own
layer, mix patterns and colors,
wear loads of accessories, natural make-up,
statement earrings, charm necklaces, wrist wraps,
headbands, feathers, over-sized vintage sunglasses
or rayban aviators,
you can stick to skinny jeans tucked into boots,
with vintage mexican peasant tops or
dress it up with long, flowy dresses,
strappy sandals or, my favorite, bare feet.

however you put it together,
make it your own.

because in my mind,
that is the true definition of style.


  1. yup, i agree! love to have the barefeet for me now..but its a bit chilly....hahaa

  2. Love this style. Carefree and bohemian luxe.

  3. Great post! This is the first time I've heard of the *gypset* style, but you defined the majority of my wardrobe to a 't' :)

  4. oooh very stylish! gypset style looks awesome!
    & love your bohemia hoops also. looks cute and it'll complete your gypset look!:D

  5. What a great post - I could totally see myself rocking 'gypset' style!!

  6. great inspiration I need this post to remember myself what I love, feathers gypsy layers!!


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