Sunday, November 8, 2009

glitter crush.

after visiting my favorite stores
{anthropologie and free people}
for a dose of holiday inspiration
i realize that this season,
i have a huge crush on vintage hued-glitter.
i'm still planning to do my usual
nature-inspired theme,
only the sea stars, coral, feathers,
birds and branches
will be kissed with lots of glitter.

{click on photos for source.}


  1. no way I can't belive it!! I'm decorating star shaped paper with glitter, I used to have a cat named glitter and of course I adore glitters!! a friend of mine gave me few years ago some candies with glitters that after a bite leaved glitters every where..lovely!!

  2. sweet!

    not sure what it is, i went from organic, natural to full on glitter crush. i think glitter just puts me in the holiday mood.

  3. The feather eyes are fabulous & the shadows divine! They are definitely holiday worthy!

  4. glitter makes everything look so pretty!



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