Monday, November 2, 2009

spread the love. it's free.

in 10 short days.
you can make a positive impact
on 10 indie sellers, artists and/or bloggers.
simply by promoting
each at least 10 times.

wanna play?

choose 10 indie sellers, artists, bloggers (write their names down),
for ten days you will tweet something
to promote each indie girl/boy on your list each day,
could be a re-tweet, could be tweeting a listing of theirs,
could be tweeting about their blog, website, #FF, etc.

you may also re-tweet this post to encourage those
that you are supporting to choose ten to promote.
no one is keeping track,
there is no right or wrong way to do this,
it's simply a way to support indie sellers, artists, bloggers
at this time of the year
by encouraging others to

buy handmade and vintage goods
and support the indie movement.

spread the love, it's free.


  1. What a wonderful idea! I'm going to go make my list right now & start spreading the indie love :)

  2. you are SO amazingly full of fresh and wonderful ideas!!

  3. I just wanted to mention a quick success story from this idea. One of the Etsy shops I featured in a blog post and on Twitter just had their FIRST shop sale from one of my customers (who specifically said they saw the item featured on the blog & Twitter). I hope this inspires other indie sellers to get out there & do this! It works! And you have to believe the karma will come back to you & your shop :)


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