Wednesday, December 2, 2009

color crush. aqua.

okay, so i totally have a crush on this color.

i think it's the most beautiful color.

now, i have a crush on this dog
{and the color aqua}.

i am in love, like totally, completely in love.

i have my own chihuahua,
but this one, this one,

surrounded by aqua,
has my heart racing.

tell me, have you ever
seen anything so cute?

and i love, love this bird from

this is the lovely bird

and then there's this vintage tin
from my friend, Wende's shop.

a sweet beanie from two knit.

happy, happy. from farouche.
that's what i am.

another oh so cute beanie
from two knit.

more gorgeous aqua work from
lucy snowe photography,

the tree is beautiful, too,

but the dog,
omg, the dog.

stunningly elegant smokin',
{well, actually smokeless, they're soy},

white candles from mireio.

this pretty, handmade
aqua vase with birds.
i love birds.

i want to take a bite out of this, like now.
vegan lemon poppyseed cupcake.

and another amazing watercolor bird
in aqua
from christine at mai autumn.

beautiful things in the most beautiful color.