Friday, December 11, 2009

happy holidays!

finally addressed and sent out all my christmas cards,
i say finally, because i used to have all my cards addressed in november
and was just waiting for december to roll around
so i could stick them in the mail.
i also used to be the type that got all my holiday gift shopping
done before thanksgiving and then just enjoyed december's festivities.
{i know, it's actually embarrassing to say so now, i was a very lucky, stay-at-home mom and was fortunate enough to have time on my hands, no etsy shop back then}.

anyway, back to reality, those days are gone.
between kids {homework, checks* they always, i mean always, need money for something, rides, laundry, cooking, etc.}, animals {3 cats 2 dogs},
husband's new job {i'm his happy assistant},
my balancing act of running two etsy shops,
social media for two completely different businesses,
as well as boutique merchandising and occasional crafting,
there is no way, i can get anything done 'ahead of time',
sometimes, not even on time. *wink, wink*
but, of course, like all you other creative types,
i have so many things to add to my goal list for 2010.
i expect another crazy year and i can't wait!

i love what i do, everything that i do,
and i look forward each day to 'getting things done',
making my family happy
and chatting with my super cool friends
on twitter, facebook and etsy. You all rock!
i mean it, you do!

which brings me to the reason for this post:

while you won't be getting a card in the mail,
please know that each and every one of you makes me laugh,
smile, say "awww"
and inspires me on a daily basis

Happy Holidays!

The Jones Family

Johnny, Kerri, Alex and Mikaela