Tuesday, December 29, 2009

january inspiration.

happy happy 2010!

wishing you all peace
and love for the new year.

while, i have the usual list of goals
for the new year,
including more yoga, less sugar
and more balance in my life,
i've been mostly thinking
about my goals for tenthings.

i'm ready to move forward
all the thoughts and ideas i had in my head
are now on paper and ready for action.

listening to jack johnson while the boys watch surf flicks
and thinking about all the things i want to make this year.
{remember i'm a girl with a mad obsession to create}.

i cleaned up and threw away all the past
inspiration boards and have
pulled together all the sketches and tear sheets
i've been collecting over the past few months
and put them on my 2010 inspiration board.

there will be lots of color. i love color.

there will be peace.
{peace of mind, i hope},
as well as overall peace.

shot this a few months ago,
but it makes me smile
whenever i see it in 'my photos'.

there will be art.

planning to make these jars
driftwood and shells collected
at the beach,
currently in my front yard.

via {p.s. i made this}

there will be better photographs
and, hopefully, a new camera
with a big lens so i can take
more surf shots.

i took this of my husband earlier this week,
heading out into stormy, big surf in encinitas.
love this giant driftwood
that showed up overnight.

there will be new ideas
and collaborations
with old and new friends.

love this vintage-style photo from C magazine.

{i was raised on this very beach
in the early seventies,
county line, between malibu and ventura.
i love the aqua, retro
car heading out full of boys and boards}.

just rec'd this super cool vintage california
souvenir plate from
totally fitting for my january mood.

so, there it is,

i love retro colors, the art of shaping surfboards
and the easy going lifestyle of surfers.
my jewelry and upcoming projects are a reflection of this bohemian coastal culture that i can't get enough of.

i'm excited about the new year. i hope that you, too, have taken a moment to think about what your plans are for this new year.

whatever they are,

i'd love to hear them...

anything is possible.