Wednesday, December 9, 2009

today's style inspiration. elle.

this is so me.

the jeans, the flannel, the sunglasses,

usually i'd sport this look with haviannas or converse,

but add these sexy, heeled boots and cuffs...

and i love, love, love this look.

easy, comfortable and sexy.


  1. I LOVE those boots! Do you know what brand they are? All Elle's outfit is missing is one of your feather necklaces :)

  2. I think that's as close to perfect as an outfit can come...seriously!

  3. aww. yes, i agree!

    not sure about the boots, but they are sexy!

  4. agreed - i wear jeans and tees a lot. the plaid reminds me of college bars, but i think i'm still able to pull it off! flats for days when i'm with the little guy and heels when i'm haning out with his dad :)


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