Monday, December 14, 2009

the winner of the winter tree. earrings is... this gorgeous girl.

how's this for adding
a little color to my blog...

those of you who know me,
know that i am color obsessed.

so, imagine how happy i was when the winner was picked,
randomly by my daughter,
and i realized that it was my sweet friend,
danielle of biscuit.

who a few days ago,
looked like this:

please visit danielle's blog
for more photos.

and many, many thanks to all who entered.


  1. awwww! thank you so much, i am so excited that i won! :]

  2. lucky girl with amazing hair!

  3. I'd love to have pink dreadlocks some day: my alter ego :) It looks awesome. Congrats to Danielle!

  4. Teehee! Congrats Danielle! Her hair matches the color theme of your blog. ;)


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