Tuesday, March 9, 2010

art wall.

have you met
my friend katie?

she's amazing.
she's smart.
she's funny.
she's creative.

she is the curator of
a virtual display space
created to exhibit
the beautiful
interesting artwork
of independent artists.
{i check often, as new art
is always being added}.

but, don't stop there,
you can also find
my special friend katie
on her lovely blog,
art wall blog.
{you'll find me there today, too}.


  1. Hooray for Katie! I'm in her kitchen, smiling. :)

  2. Oh you are too, too sweet. What a write-up!

  3. Art wall is a wonderful space for indie artists!
    It is so charming!!! Katie is awesome!!!

  4. These are so darling! I am in love!


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