Tuesday, March 2, 2010

finding my way back.

here i go again, this has nothing to do with art, fashion, design or food,
but it does have to do with love. and you know i love love.

it's been an unbelievably, heart wrenching past few days. i wasn't expecting to feel such pain and physically feel sick to my stomach. i'm not going to mention any names as i don't want to draw any attention to my blog from outsiders, but i will just say, in a nutshell, that this case hits way too close to home. this missing girl lives just ten minutes from my home. she is in the same school district as my kids. you can not go anywhere without seeing her beautiful face. i mean any where. the grocery store, all shop windows, local starbucks, target, gas stations, etc. all school classrooms have the flyer posted, there are even blue ribbons tied around all the street light poles {if you're under 18, you can not assist in the search, so teens pass out flyers and tie ribbons for her}. my husband has searched for two days. i searched on friday, but that was when i was looking for a girl who might have broken an ankle, i can no longer bare to search. volunteers are looking for a 15 year old that disappeared a year ago. she, too, lived close. i do not know these girls. but, i've spent many hours thinking and praying for them.
i am heartbroken and i need happy. my community needs happy.

i know that the healthiest thing to do is to focus on the positive. the love. small thoughts grow into large thoughts, so it's only fitting that those small thoughts be of love and happiness. having said that, i am so grateful for my family, my friends {most of which are here on the internet, you all just totally rock btw!} and my little businesses that i love so much! for me, my blog is a creative outlet and for several days, i haven't felt quite right about being happy, but i am taking a step forward today to get back to what i love.

i have lots of creative ideas to put in place and many lovely orders to fill.
i'll listen to some music, enjoy a chai tea and wear a smile.

all the while, finding my way back to me.


  1. Im speechless..... But Im in Love with Love and I love reading your posts

  2. Kerri, sorry to hear your story today. Sorry that you and your community are sufferring. in January, our small community sufferred a tragedy when a 15 year old girl was hit by a truck walking home from school. It was very rainy and foggy and long standing elderly man in the community hit her by accident. It has struck our community hard as we only have one high school here.
    My heart goes out to the families of those girls.
    Just tragic.

  3. such a sad story. it's always hard to hear about these things because the girl could have easily been me or someone i love. keeping her in my thoughts and prayers and sending out good, happy vibes into the universe for you! here's something i hope will make you smile http://www.dailypuppy.com/ never fails to make me happy when i'm having a bad day :)

  4. thanks for the love. i am feeling it. and smiling.

  5. Kerri, big hugs. I know how hard this must be and I've been praying for your family as well as you are present for this family who is mourning. Take care of YOU too!

  6. Kerri, I am right there with you. It is unbelievable how something like this happens and it seems like all the good is ripped from the world. It takes a little while for things to feel right side up again, but it is our job to do exactly as you're saying - continue to see the good, because that is the only way this world will grow into a place where these things do not happen. Lots of love, to you and to our community.


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