Tuesday, March 16, 2010


i love how the internet connects you

to soooo many cool people, cool friends.
girls you enjoy touching base with
on a regular basis.
peeking into their creative lives.
some of my friends create
beautiful works of art.
i have shared their beautiful work
here on my blog or via twitter,

but these friends here, today,
are bloggers.

bloggers with a great sense
of style,
wit and beauty.

today, i'd like to introduce you
to a few of my friends...

some with new and interesting takes on fashion, life and design,
like my new and super cool friend bethany, an L.A. wardrobe stylist to the stars,

some with exciting adventures that i could never dream of,
like my beautiful friend, leigh,
who left new jersey for a completely different way of life,
can you imagine?

some that provide that daily dose of beautiful,
like jenn of daily bits of beauty,

or my friend samantha,
an inspiring interior designer with an eye for stunning.

and some with a edgy sense of style that reminds me
that there's still something bad ass about me. thanks tracy.

so, here's a look at a few
of my regular 'go-to' blogs...
stop by, and say hi to my friends.

Bethany at

Tracy at

Leigh at

Jenn at

samantha at

my friends,