Wednesday, March 3, 2010

from where i stand.

i am always inspired by the images
i see on etsy. the amazingly talented people.
the way people capture their goods in such a way
that i stop and breathe it in.
these shoes are not my usual style, i am a flip-flop girl,
occasionally a pair of converse or vans,
maybe a sexy, strappy pair of heels for a night out,
but not normally these shoes.
but, this photo makes me want them.

today. i know i need to take a stand
and be creative.
and see and feel the beauty around me.

i love the way this dress is cut.
again, it's not my usual style,
but i love the way the artist
captures the mood of the dress.
i always think of cutting my hair like this. one day i will.
but today, i'm holding on to my surfer girl hair,
it is my comfort zone. it's where i hide.

i am in love with this image.
i so want those boots!
i want to put them on
and kick a wall really,
really hard or stomp up and down.
i just do.
{please see previous post}.

i love this photo. her back.
and they way she sees herself.
it's awesome. today i'm looking at myself.
i'm finding my way back.

today. i will take flight.
i will soar above the sadness that surrounds my community
and will take my sensitivity and throw it into creativity.
and most likely,
will not kick any walls,
but, rather, pull out my sewing machine
and sew some beauty.


  1. Wow ... those combat boots... Love... Do you know where they are from?

  2. I absolutely love those last two photos. Redirecting negativity is always good :)

  3. I do a pretty good job of hiding behind my shorter hair too. Trick is to keep it longer at the front. Thanks for the mention...and I love those shoes!


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