Wednesday, March 3, 2010

i love horses.

there's an old ranch nearby.

this miniature horse had wavy hair.

a true bohemian.

this beauty was so excited
for us to stop by and visit.
see the eyes?

this old barn
would be perfect for a photo shoot.
{i'm always scouting}.
apart from the fact
that it was condemned
and covered with no trespassing signs.

horse butts.

don't know her name,
but she was a supermodel.


  1. ooo i'm kind of obsessed with that first picture

  2. I love horses too. Are these Equinox Photo's beauties?

  3. Oh Cameron, I'm flattered, no, these are my snapshots.

    Equinox is a fabulous equine photographer!

  4. Horses are so gorgeous. And abandoned places you're not supposed to be are the most fun...and photo-worthy. ;)


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