Saturday, March 13, 2010

i'm in the mood.

i'm in the mood to create.
these images by
are fueling
my current desire
to make pretty colorful things.
aren't they gorgeous images?
i just love them.

thanks for all the sweet comments
posted here,
left by email and on twitter,
regarding my desire
to create a t-shirt line.
i really appreciate all the input
and am making lots of notes
and sewing up samples.


sunshine and little daisies
my daughter is so excited about the vans
{hint, she wants to make sure i'm going to buy them},
that she made a polyvore set
to show me how i could wear them
with my jeans and v-necks.
and here's another sneak peek on the development
of my t-shirt line.
it will be a month or so,
until i decide exactly what will debut on tenthings.,
but thought it was fun to document the development process.
i love this one with the liberty of london ruffles. i wore it yesterday with a pair of cuffed boyfriend jeans,
sexy, flat sandals and a cropped aqua cardigan from F21.
got some very nice compliments.
even one from someone who works at anthropologie.
{big smile}.

and comments
from friends so far:
some prefer the ruffles off to the side, corsage style.
some like the bib style.
some prefer the smooth rather than ribbed tanks.
i even got a couple of special requests already.

if you have a thought,
concern or idea,
i'd love to hear it.


  1. Kerri!!!
    Lovely inspiration photos and am excited to see your new creations!!! As always, am inspired by your creative process!!!

  2. Love!!! I want to be in Cali so bad.... My brother will be in San Diego next month.....I may go :)))

    The tanks are soooo cute!

  3. ruffles + bikini + tank + flowers = love!!
    I'd love to wear your creation kerri, flower mixed with basic cotton is so sexy and fresh, the ruffles make everythung so girlie , little bows side ruffles or fabric straps I'd love them! good luck I'm so excited!

  4. oh, i can't wait!!! and am still giggling about the vans =)

  5. You know I'll be buying from this new t-shirt line of yours! L O V E! :)


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