Thursday, March 11, 2010

tiny florals.

i'm sure this will only be the first
of many posts on tiny florals.
i am currently totally obsessed with them.
can't get enough.
maybe it's because of the stormy grey winter we had,
or maybe it's because tiny florals represent
such a happy, go-lucky sense of romantic fun,
either way they're yelling spring
and summer to me
i simply can't get enough.

here's a few images inspiring me today.

some things i just plain want.

some things i want to make.

so here goes, the things i want:

i want these vans.
my daughter and i wear the same shoe size.
we both want them. easy. done.

i want one of these orchid trees.
i've been saying it for years.
i took this photo 'round the corner
from our house.
they have one. i want one.

and things i want to make:

i'm making lots of floral jewelry pieces.
i resurrected this flea market necklace.
i love it even more today,
then a few months ago
when i originally listed it and sold out.

sweet, tiny florals,
photo taken up the street.
planning to buy some seed packages
and grow my own.

liberty of london.

i love liberty of love. btw, i can't wait for march 14th.
i've never been so excited to go to target in my life.
i bought some lol fabric from england
and have been
admiring it for a few days.

today i had an idea.
i pulled out an old tank
and my sewing machine
and went at it.

here's a sneak peek
of how it turned out.

i'm thinking of creating a line of t-shirts.
simple, summer tees with one of a kind flourishes.
not perfect, mind you, i am so not into perfect.
just flirty, romantic, tees
with sweet bohemian embellishments.

it will take a bit of work, but i'm thinking about it.

what do you think?

should i do it?

i'd love to hear your thoughts.


  1. i say do it - all of it, the vans, liberty of london, the necklace (how cute!) and especially the tees :)

  2. Oh please, oh please make the tanks and tees!!
    Tees are SOOOO my thing and to have one (or 2 or 10) made by Kerri? Yes.Please.

  3. You totally should!! I'm working on some lol ideas as well--lingerie inspired, in fact. :D

  4. Tanks + Liberty of London = AMAZING ... I love that flea market necklace also!

  5. Yay please do it! (the t-shirts!). Your ruffle tank tops would also look REALLLLY cute with a cowgirl/bandanna kinda print.

  6. I definitely WANT the flea market necklace!! Will that be in the shop soon? And, go for it!! Tees? Yes! Bohemian? Yes!!! New trees? Why not!!! Vans?
    of course!!! Spring? Summer? sure why not!!!

  7. you should totally do it! i think your tees would be lovely. :) i love the liberty of london prints you picked out and the flea market necklace!

  8. ✿ love your selection!!! As for t-shirts, DO it ....flowery ruffles will be sexy & awesome, can't wait to see the final product! ✿

  9. My mom and sister had the same size feet, I was always so jealous! Those colors are a perfect shot to the gray skies here too. :O)

  10. thanks so much for all your support! I have many new thoughts and will be working on some more samples before the final product is ready. stay tuned. :)

  11. Those Vans are absolutely adorable. I may have to get myself a pair ;)
    I nominated you for a Sunshine Award.
    go here to see what it's about

  12. oh yes you must do it!!
    love the vans..I wonder if I can find them here!


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