Thursday, March 11, 2010

tiny florals.

i'm sure this will only be the first
of many posts on tiny florals.
i am currently totally obsessed with them.
can't get enough.
maybe it's because of the stormy grey winter we had,
or maybe it's because tiny florals represent
such a happy, go-lucky sense of romantic fun,
either way they're yelling spring
and summer to me
i simply can't get enough.

here's a few images inspiring me today.

some things i just plain want.

some things i want to make.

so here goes, the things i want:

i want these vans.
my daughter and i wear the same shoe size.
we both want them. easy. done.

i want one of these orchid trees.
i've been saying it for years.
i took this photo 'round the corner
from our house.
they have one. i want one.

and things i want to make:

i'm making lots of floral jewelry pieces.
i resurrected this flea market necklace.
i love it even more today,
then a few months ago
when i originally listed it and sold out.

sweet, tiny florals,
photo taken up the street.
planning to buy some seed packages
and grow my own.

liberty of london.

i love liberty of love. btw, i can't wait for march 14th.
i've never been so excited to go to target in my life.
i bought some lol fabric from england
and have been
admiring it for a few days.

today i had an idea.
i pulled out an old tank
and my sewing machine
and went at it.

here's a sneak peek
of how it turned out.

i'm thinking of creating a line of t-shirts.
simple, summer tees with one of a kind flourishes.
not perfect, mind you, i am so not into perfect.
just flirty, romantic, tees
with sweet bohemian embellishments.

it will take a bit of work, but i'm thinking about it.

what do you think?

should i do it?

i'd love to hear your thoughts.