Thursday, March 18, 2010

a tiny star.

i wear a tiny star.

to remind me that

i am a star.

while they may not ever write
about me in magazines
and i'm sure
i'll never be on TMZ {thank GOD},

i am a star.

no one cooks vegan meals for me
and i don't have a personal trainer
to whip me back into pre-baby shape,
but still,

i am a star.

i don't have someone to do
my hair, nails and make-up,
i don't wear haute couture
designer dresses
{oh, but, i so wish i did}.
but still,

i am a star.

because...believing that
i am a star
means that it doesn't matter
what anyone else thinks
as long as i know,
that i am a star.

do you
think of yourself
as a star?

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