Sunday, March 28, 2010

what's your style?

i said i wouldn't post again until i had my 'guns and roses'
{yes, alexandrakeller,...welcome to the jungle...}
thing-y together,
but all my supplies haven't arrived yet
and i have a few 'whoops' going on with the things that did arrive,
weird size and some technical issues,
anyway, as life would have it,
my good friend and awesome photographer, andrew reilly,
texted me on saturday afternoon
and asked if i wanted to do a 'jewelry' shoot sunday at 8:00 am.
like a madwoman, i dropped the supplies
and rushed out of the house and off to buffalo exchange
to buy some used clothing
and started madly throwing things together.
normally, i'd have full stock of jewelry,
but, fortunately, i've been crazy busy with sales lately,
thank you god,
and i had very little jewelry on hand, lots of earrings,
but only two necklaces and nothing ready in my 'new line'.
i love love love to style photos.
andy is an amazing photographer
and my daughter is gorgeous,
especially, naturally,
minus the hair straightener and eyeliner
{my shoot, she had to dress my style}., it wasn't too hard to pull together.
i am now patiently waiting for the photos
and will reveal them as soon as
i have them in my hot little hands...

in the mean time, i took a few 'on location' shots
and thought i'd give you a couple
of my very favorite styling tips.

this is katie.
she kept a close eye
on the action.
at times peeking behind the bushes
to watch from the shade. she kept looking at me like,
'this is my house, what the heck are you doing here?'
it is a stunningly cool house.
art and supreme styling
everywhere you look.

now, for the styling.

first, my style is not everyone's,
my style is my own,
but i believe with a few simple additions,
everyone can give their 'own' look
a bit of oomph.

here's what i do.

most days, i wear skinny jeans and a deep v-neck tee, havianna flip flops, some days i wear boyfriend chinos and a ribbed tank. pretty simple, pretty casual. kinda college-y...this is my stay home or run to the grocery store look.

i dig the comfortable, but need to look cute when i go shopping or hang out with friends, so before i actually walk out the door, i start to pile it on..'it' being 'me'.
i start with my left arm, it takes a few minutes, but i pile on the bracelets, sometimes it's friendship bracelets,
sometimes chains, always a strip of leather that reads: live in love,
a couple of thin gold bangles and various pieces of colored embroidery floss, oh and a hair tie, yes on my wrist.
then, a belt, i like pretty leather belts with big buckles
and rediculously, sexy sandals.
i believe you can wear 501's and a grungy t-shirt and look cute,
but you put on sexy sandals and, well, it just gives it the 'wow factor'.
i have a thing for sexy shoes and painted toes.
although, i never paint my fingers anything but ballet pink
and i hardly wear any make-up.
mascara and lip gloss,
a bit of shimmer in the corners of the eyes
and that's it, but i love sexy, high-maintenance style painted toes.

next, it's either a tenthings. necklace or dangly pair of earrings.
i know some people like match-y sets, i don't.
it's too overdone for me.
i'm one of those that puts on lipstick,
then rubs it off in the same few seconds. love lipstick.
always looks better in the magazine than on me.

comfortable clothes, lots of jewelry,
messy hair, bright toes, the rest minimal.
that's my style.
that's how i take it from everyday college boring
to me.

what is your go-to look,
what says 'you',
what makes your look your own?


  1. Can't wait to see the new photo shoot and your "style"!

  2. we must be long lost twins. i have tons of lipstick & never wear it. tons of shoes & live in flipflops most of the year. tees & tanks & dirty-hasn't-been-washed-for-a-day hair. i pile on some jewelry, but someone famous (was it Coco?) said to take one thing off. So i do.

  3. my style. me.
    winter. levis, mid or high uggs, sweaters with racerback tees underneath, scarf wrapped multiple times like a turtle neck (gotta be able to take it off with these damn hot flashes...hahaha), leather belt and jewelry i made & bought. chains and bracelets...luv them. i luv my brown leather Roots Messenger bag and my Maui Jim sunglasses. I usually wear browns and whites, but in most cases do have the same in blacks...(that's my excessive needs side of me)
    summer. levis. capris. sandels (luv my Keens and my shiny copper Birks, and well i have to admit, i do have a thing for footwear of all kinds) that's where i spend most of my mom always said. " don't be cheap with shoes. Your feet will appreciate it." and you know i still have boots and shoes from 25 years ago.
    loose light colored tees or racer backs, usually white, painted toes, lots of anklets and bracelets. do luv to have a healthy brown glow, which isn't hard to achieve here in the skin tone is on the dark olive side. I paint my toe nails dark brown or rust and my fingernails beige nude.
    wear mascara and my eyeliner is only on the top I like nude lip gloss, cause, yes, lipstick always looks better in a magazine. except for my mom. she never goes out without lipstick. I've tried it but it's not me.
    I used to color my hair blond, but since i had cancer and have new hair now....hahaha guess its my real hair and color...i leave it brown.
    Funny thing is... i actually miss wearing scarves and bandanas on my head. they were an awesome accessory. I have no fear of being bald. I never really had great hair and still don't.
    yup, simple jeans & t-shirt 7 sweater girl too. with awesome shoes, belts, purses and jewelry. that's me.
    luved this post, Kerri. Writing this down, got me to remember me. and it has inpired me to write about it more and to create.

    Have a great week!

  4. oh, so happy i got you thinking.

    so much great personal style out there. love your comments.

    i love to be who i am and also try new things to see if they're 'me'.

    Sometimes they are...i love skinny jeans,

    sometimes, they aren' skirts/dresses, i love them, just can't pull them off. you'll see my daughter in a destroyed studded mini in our photo shoot {to be revealed soon}. i love it, wish so much i could pull it off, but i seriously can't. looks amazing on her, though. she's 13, maybe that's the difference...i am 45...

  5. i like your style, maybe bc i think we have very similar ones...
    i like the natural, beachy, not too much effort look but still llooking cute!
    an i love my havianas, toms and slip on vans...daily.
    im always scared that one day ill look like a mom. but i know i dont have to go that route bc your a mom and your totally kick ass!

  6. Today I'm loving Brandi! XOXO Thanks Brandi! Made my day!


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