Wednesday, April 14, 2010

bohemian roses.

tenthings. bohemian rose. necklaces.

as an artist, i am always 'into' something
that stirs my creativity into full bloom so to speak...
after many repeated requests for more rose necklaces
{especially from one particular girl that asks me
every single time i see her, hope you like these alyssa},
i came up with these fresh, bright, bloomin' bohemian rose necklaces
that are similar
to the super popular necklaces
i made in the winter of 2008 with the roses and the feathers,

only these are in full bohemian bloom.

while i will always be in love with feathers...always...
at the moment,
i am crazy in head over heels in love with blooms.

coming soon in other colors of the rose garden.


  1. Those are gorgeous!!! Really cute with a t-shirt and jeans!!! Love them!!!

  2. LOVE them! So, so cute! Adding to my wish list :)


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