Friday, April 23, 2010


i was not planning to blog today.

just had to check my email, twitter, FB and shop,
before i started really working.
i am fortunate to have many orders to fill,
causing me to spend more time working in my studio lately,
then sitting at my computer.

but, then i read my etsy email. suddenly i was drifting.
* * *
the photos grabbed me immediately.
cool images depicting one woman's collection
of beach finds,
i found myself completely
mesmerized by the
colors and textures, the natural beauty.
i wanted more
and went off in search of other images
to add to today's inspiration board.
hope you like them and that you, too, find
creative inspiration today.

beach love.

{via look book}.

below, some recent photos i took
of some rundown trailer homes
in a park near the beach.
i found them to be really artsy.

i love the vibrancy
of this local girl's art.

and this driftwood art is stunning.
i like how it looks
so primitive and simple.

these two photos below from gooseflesh
are what started my search today.
i absolutely adore them. xoxo

here a photo i took at the vans. store
in anaheim. on monday.
i know, i know, it's sideways. i like it that way.

and these gorgeous
vintage-style beach photos.

and my sweet, little dog. she's a beach dog.
she truly loves the beach
and knows how to soak it all in.
perfect inspiration for a girl {me} that's always on the go
and sometimes forgets to stop and smell the ocean.

here she was last weekend,
waiting {patiently} for everyone
to get out of the water,
so we could go get vegetarian burritos.