Sunday, April 11, 2010

spring break.

i'm back. we spent last week at the beach camping.
it was relaxing, somewhat
{we had anywhere from 9-12 kids with us at all times},
beautiful, absolutely,
and inspiring.
while, i did run home each day to check my email
and do a little, tiny, bit of work, mostly, i did a lot of thinking
and came home eager to get back to work.
our kids are teenagers,
so many friends stopped by, some stayed all 6 nights.
it's hard to resist a beach house {actually, several tents}
15 minutes from your neighborhood.
food, snacks, music, bikes, skateboards, numerous surfboards
...basically, a flop house of sorts.

friday was the last night at camp.
tipper was beat. we made it a point to walk
a lot while we were camping.
like a mile or so several times a day
she loved it, but it caught up with her.

here she was sleeping on my lap
while i watched everyone surfing at sunset.

two of the boys {mine and danny} bought
these crazy african shirts
from the thrift store
and wore them around. that was after they bought girls' shorts
for .99 cents and skated around the canpgrounds. harmless fun.
antonio brought a didgerido.
my son wanted to learn how to play it so bad.
he never quite got it.
it's a really cool instrument, but tricky to play.
we are planning to have antonio and brendan over soon
for music lessons, surf flicks and pizza.

we ate breakfast here
most mornings. pipes cafe.
huge plates of delicious food.
kona coffee and free refills.

surf camp.

daily surf report.

surfer girls.

swami's. self-realization temple.


my husband and i were the only adults,
so, it wasn't really romantic or relaxing,
but it was a lot of fun.