Tuesday, April 13, 2010

these are a few of my favorite things.

i love pretty things.
i love adding pretty things to my 'favorites' everyday.
it sort of acts as my daily inspiration board.
i do hope you'll pop over and take a look at my etsy favorites,
but in the mean time,
...here are a few of my favorite things.
{and yes, i do love that song from sound of music.
i once put together a talent show act for my daughter's elementary school,
where each 2nd grade girl sang and acted out the parts of the song.
it was simply adorable}.

can i just say that i adore
every single thing in this shop.
each and every piece
is handmade with love by wende,
too many pretty things to show in one post.

wouldn't these latte cups from the '60's
be so cute with a recipe attached for a sweet treat
and a promise to share a cup of coffee and chat soon.

i want to get these
and stick them in my kids lunch bags.
they'd also be so sweet
just tucked under a ribbon on a gift.

i love this color and style.
a beautiful gift for a beautiful friend.

perfect for the girl who loves to bake.

i own this sachet,
as well as many other goodies from mireio.
the attention to detail and the smell is so pretty,
i only put some in my lingerie drawer
the others i tuck in my pillows
to keep my bed smelling sweet.

i love this idea.
vintage pillow cases used to make
these pretty pants. i'd wear them with a tank in the summer
to go for a walk on the beach and then to breakfast.

i have a love affair with lucy's work.
it truly is breathtaking.
no words required.
please just look for yourself.

this super cool mother and daughter team live near me.
they have the coolest little brick and mortar shop
walking distance from the beach.
when you are there.
you are surrounded by love.
i think these little flags would be darling in a child's room
or a laundry room.
the bow ties they make for little boys are crazy cute.

i love to buy handmade and vintage.
i love to buy gifts for others.
these few things here are perfect gifts for mother's day.
for bridal gifts.
for a special birthday.
or a simple...i'm thinking of you gift.

but, please don't stop here,
this is just a small sampling.
take a look at each and every shop
and some of my other 'favorites'.
i'm sure you'll find the perfect handmade
or vintage gift
for someone you love.


  1. Kerri! Great ideas for mother's day gifts! And, some of my favorite shops and so pretty!!!!

  2. Oh, thanks for all the love, Kerri!! :D

  3. You have such great taste! I love these!

  4. The latte cups and the pencils are gorgeous!

  5. the banner is so sweet & i pretty much need those pencils - cheers to handmade!

  6. Thank you so much for the sweet feature & including me with some of my favorite shops! And I love those pillow case pants, what a fabulous idea :)

  7. Kerri-
    We were out of town from the 13th to 17th and I'm just now catching up with things. Thank you for including m.o.m in this great group of vendors.
    bethany + tere

  8. Those pillow case pants are so cool! What a great group of lovely things... makes me want to go shopping!


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