Wednesday, May 12, 2010

i ♥ tea.

there, i said it. i tea.
i do.
when i get into something.
i fall hard.
that's exactly what happened
the day i decided
to start drinking tea.

{via drift}.

about two weeks ago, after drinking coffee,
obsessively, for 20 years,
i quit and have been drinking tea ever since.
i love it.
i feel better, rumor has it,
i'm nicer to be around *smiles*.

in my internet travels,
i ran across these cool people,
who, obviuously, ♥ tea, too.

while i wasn't switching from coffee to tea
for the cool factor,
after finding this group from the UK,
i must say, i'm feelin' pretty hip today.

wanna join me for a cup of vanilla chai?