Wednesday, May 12, 2010

i ♥ tea.

there, i said it. i tea.
i do.
when i get into something.
i fall hard.
that's exactly what happened
the day i decided
to start drinking tea.

{via drift}.

about two weeks ago, after drinking coffee,
obsessively, for 20 years,
i quit and have been drinking tea ever since.
i love it.
i feel better, rumor has it,
i'm nicer to be around *smiles*.

in my internet travels,
i ran across these cool people,
who, obviuously, ♥ tea, too.

while i wasn't switching from coffee to tea
for the cool factor,
after finding this group from the UK,
i must say, i'm feelin' pretty hip today.

wanna join me for a cup of vanilla chai?


  1. You know I love tea too!! I made iced tea with the vanilla chai you sent... paired it with H&S Summer Peach... amazing!

  2. Yes! Thank you! H&S is my new favorite...haven't really tasted anything I like as much yet...must buy some soon.

  3. This post couldn't have been timed more perfectly! I've never been a coffee drinker, but I do have a soda (so bad) to kick start my day. I've been thinking more & more about transitioning to tea, but have never found any I really like. I will have to try the brand Wende suggested above! Thank you for sharing :)

  4. hey girls! i'm in a little tea club with some other etsy sellers...
    please join us for the next round! this round will be over by mid june, so it's be fun to add you to our group!!!

  5. Happy weekend Tea girls....I'm still a guilty latte drinker....


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