Friday, May 21, 2010

a peace of cake.

this idea literally came to me
yesterday, while shopping,
i found out that it was
Buddha's birthday.
i saw this beautiful, happy, green Buddha
{only $6.99} and couldn't resist him.
i brought him home
and baked a cake. happy birthday buddha!

i photographed my happy,
green man with some peonies,
and then sat him by my end table
for good luck.

last night, i looked at the Buddha,
sitting pretty next to a stack of fashion mags.
then went to bed with a smile on my face.
i dreamt that i opened a new etsy boutique,
one filled with color and love,
{i know, i know, sounds just like tenthings.},
but this shop would be filled with
home/studio decor.

so here it new etsy boutique.
sweetly named...

lotus flower.



good charlotte.

hula girl in an aqua sky.

buddha love.

i have many more
sweets {photos} to add...
hope you'll visit me soon at
a peace of cake on etsy.


  1. Wonderful, Kerri! Lovely, lovely photos. Congrats on the new store. Hearting now! :D

  2. it's wonderful :) and saw you on constant cravings, too!


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