Monday, May 3, 2010

she talks to angels.

mexican dresses and rosary chains.

she talks to angels.

i wasn't raised with religion,
but have recited the Lord's Prayer
every night since i was a child.
i wasn't raised with religion,
but my mom has always collected
vintage alters and wooden crosses.
i wasn't raised with religion,
but feel drawn to rock songs
that mention Jesus. religion or God.
i wasn't raised with religion,
but for years wanted to become a Catholic.
i wasn't raised with religion,
but am curious to know
whether or not i am actually Jewish.
i wasn't raised with religion,
but i pray a lot.
i wasn't raised with religion,
but i have a thing for rosaries.

i have always had a lot of questions.
i don't know what 'religion' i 'belong' to,
{it used to make me feel lost, but now i feel complete}.
i just know that i am a very spiritual person
that believes that prayers are answered.

garnet rosary necklace
double-wrapped as a bracelet.

oh, and mexican dresses.
i have always had a thing for mexican dresses,
which i think look amazing with rosaries,
i might add.

all of these gorgeous dresses
were found on etsy.
the styling from aida coronado is amazing.
the dresses are absolutely stunning.

the other beautiful dresses shown here
are not only equally stunning,
but a lot more affordable.
please take a look at their shops.


  1. Beautiful post, Kerri! The dresses are gorgeous, but even more beautiful is what you wrote. It's not really about religion at all, is it? :)

  2. Oh girl... I LOVE your taste! These dresses are all so beautiful... and thank you for including mine. You have inspired me to promote other Etsy sellers more often. -And what a sweet shop you have!
    xo... jada

  3. omg i just got goosebumps! i just order a cross made from antique nails & i was going to make myself a rosary. i was born and raised Ukrainian Catholic, but I don't really practice much. when i started my business last year, one of the first pieces i made was a strand of prayer beads for a shaman i know. great lady. and, of course, i have a couple of Mexican wedding dresses. my next post should be 'separated at birth...'


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