Sunday, May 30, 2010

ten things i think you should know about ten inspiring people i know.

i’ve been reading again…{something other than fashion and décor mags}….i’ve been reading insightful, inspiring, motivating books, in search of fire

{you know that feeling that you feel when you’re on the right path and nothing can slow you down}.

f i r e.

every once and awhile, i read a book, hear a quote, watch a show, or take a long walk and listen to my heart…and then, if i’m lucky, a fire is lit…i feel new, inspired, motivated, excited…i love that feeling. it propels me into creativity, jotting down ideas, goals, thoughts and plans. the results of such actions are always amazing…i’m a true believer in knowing what you want and going for it…

live in love not in fear” i tell myself when i’m in this blissful mode.

after awhile, the fire starts to die down a bit and needs attention…more fuel…

this week i rec’d a message from a was just a quick, FYI, type of message…but, it was exactly what i was searching for…it was a sign. a sign to kick up the fire again…more about that later…

so, as i am currently deep in study, rekindling the fire…i thought it would be fun to find out what some of my favorite, creative friends have to say about their inspiration, their motivation, their fire, so to speak…

starting next week...ten things i think you should know about ten inspiring women i know. i'm going to ask them to share a little bit about themselves and what inspires them…somewhere along the way, i’ll share what inspires me and hope that i’ll hear from some of you, i’d love to keep the fire going and continue this project with another ten, and another ten…as a community that thrives on inspiration and connections, i hope that this is just the beginning...


  1. such a great idea kerri! totally loving it!

  2. Hi my dear!! I adore this idea!!
    ❀ ❤ ❀

  3. One thing about fire is that it only takes a spark to start one..I'm feeling that 'fire' also and I sent you an email. I'm trusting that you will read it soon.


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