Friday, May 14, 2010

what a week...

what a week!
i am truly lucky to have
many wholesale orders.
these, plus my etsy shops,
keep me really busy, but also
keep me from spending
a lot of time blogging and tweeting.
i miss my friends, but
i am grateful for what keeps me busy
and i believe that what you truly want
and what you ask for,
you will receive
i asked and i received.

it was a busy week, it flew by.
by friday i was ready for some fun.
i spent the day with my daughter {yes, i let her ditch school}
and we shopped at marshall's, joann's fabrics and target
{see below for some of my bargains},
we ate indian food and had many laughs.

on friday night we drove to the coast,
boys surfed
we drove around and took some photos. more laughs.
we happened upon this roxy event
at surfride surfshop in solana beach.

it was a small event,
but they had cookies that looked like their ad.
i love cookies! these were cool!

kids loved them, too, despite the funny faces.

i have been making little inspirational
notes every night about some creative ideas
i have for upcoming projects.
flowers are still very much in my mind.
i saw this unusual jagged edged rose
last night.
never seen one quite like this before.
have you?

and this cool house is in solana beach.
it was like a yoga paradise.
i wanted to move in.
i've been getting back into my yoga practice
and feeling the 'yoga' vibe.

i love these yoga wraps from world market.
they look great as a scarf and also as a
bikini coverup. they were only $10 each!

these sandals were $13

and this adorable ruffled bikini was only $15
and it actually looked pretty cute,
now i just need a fake tan
and a few more months of running...
maybe late july, i can sport this baby.

this is where the boys went out.
seaside, cardiff. friday night.

my mother's day beach towel.
and some cool rocks.
i love the colors of the ocean.

in addition to blooms,
i'm also very inspired by hand-dyed, tie-dye,
especially aqua marine colors,
but also feeling luscious summer fruit colors
like tangerine and raspberry.
i finally decided to get started on a project
that i've been wanting to work on for some time.
bought the prettiest fabric
and fabric dyes yesterday.
goldfish orange and flamingo pink.
and hand dyed today.

here the t-shirts are tied and ready to be dyed.


ok, so flamingo pink is really pink.
still experimenting,
actually want a lighter, more tie-dyed effect.
but, i still like the way they turned out.
photos to be added tomorrow.