Sunday, July 11, 2010

are you practicing being?

"to actually 'be' something or someone, 
you must practice it diligently 
and with regularity."
{via living yoga by christy turlington}.

i'm not so into labels, but i do think of myself
as a Christian and a lover of the Buddhist ideas.

the jewelry i've been making lately reminds me to practice
both my faith {it gives me strength}
and my yoga {it gives me happiness}. 
making jewelry reminds me to practice kindness. 
to practice patience.
to practice love. to practice peace. 
to practice beauty. to practice seeing beauty. 
to practice creating. 
to practice baking. to practice cooking.
to practice taking photos. to practice writing. to practice sharing.
wherein only in practice am i really any of these things. 
a photographer. a designer. 
a mother. a lover. a giver. 
a blogger. a cook. a baker. an artist.

what are you practicing?

what do you need to practice more?

{all images by me.}

i'm practicing...