Tuesday, July 6, 2010

coffee or tea?

here's what some of my friends had to say...

Giovanna: Coffee or tea? Both, depending on the mood and the weather. 

Lucy: Coffee or tea? Primarily dark organic French Roast!!!

Charlotte: Coffee or tea? Venti Nonfat Vanilla Latte. 

Sana: Coffee or tea? Definitely tea.

Susan: Coffee or tea? Coffee is a must in the a.m. & green iced tea in the afternoon (no sugar in either, tho!)

Leigh: Coffee or tea? Funny, I always wanted to be a tea person. I tried to will myself into becoming a tea person back in the States. Only upon moving to Cambodia have I truly become a tea person. Iced lemon tea, iced peppermint tea or my absolute favorite - iced lime tea with fresh mint leaves. Ohmygoodness!  

Wende: Coffee or tea? Why choose? Actually, I have a ritual mocha every morning with my husband. We both work from home and it’s our chance to touch bases and plan our day. It keeps our connection sparking! The rest of the day I drink tea. I’m a hard core Harney and Son’s Tea drinker.
Alex: Coffee or tea? Both. Coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon. Black with a touch of sugar.
Rachel: Coffee or tea? Both! All day long!

Tricia: Coffee or tea?  Big cup of strong coffee to feed the horses and do chores in the morning and Matcha or green tea the rest of the day!

{collages by mikaela}.