Monday, July 12, 2010

creative jewelry displays.

i have a few trunk shows coming up 
and want to display my jewelry 
in a beautiful, creative, 
artsy, bohemian way. 

at the moment, i have my jewelry 
in several gorgeous shops. 
some i merchandise myself, others 
are beautifully displayed 
by the expert boutique owners. 

i like this simple ceramic
paint palette to display earrings.

at home i display my jewelry
draped around the necks of buddhas, 
in beautifully decorated bowls 
and hanging from branches 
or birdcages.

the instructions 
to make this shadow box holder 
are here.

i love these pretty bowls.

for a trunk show, though, the jewelry needs to be tagged 
{i have a serious love/hate relationship with jewelry tags},
and displayed in such a way that it says 'touch me' 'try me on',
not 'just look, don't touch'. 

it's a fine balance.
artsy, but touchable. 

so, today, i'm collecting all sorts 
of cool things from around the house
to use for my la sirena trunk show this saturday.

some wooden cigar boxes, some bohemian linens, 
some cool blown glass vases from marshall's, one or two of my buddhas,
an old minolta camera and some oriental bowls and english dessert plates.

i'm so wishing i had this. 

or these beauties.

if anyone has any ideas or photos, i'd love to hear/see them.

{images via martha stewart. and maybe flickr.}


  1. Since I started Twillypop, I have always wondered in the back of my mind how I would display them because I would want the display to scream creativity...and actually go the extra step to make my things stand out as something special to people & not just another homewoven handi-craft :) Thanks for these ideas! The trunk show sounds AMAZING!! I would love to see pictures of your display & hear how everything goes!

  2. Thanks Sara! I wish you were here!

  3. Kerri, thanks so much for your comment earlier, it made my morning. :)
    Congrats on the trunk shows, I bet that is fun, the real interaction of it all must be SO inspiring! I love the shadow box way of displaying the jewelry, I think if it were me I might pick that one. Enjoy your week!

  4. These are such wonderful ideas! I've seen the bowls before and love them! I do love to hang earrings from a shabby frame with a screen stapled into it. I also love old ceramic glove mold hand for displaying rings or even for draping bracelets or necklaces.

    Oh, and congratulations on getting in Etsy Finds!!!

    - Lindsay

  5. I have my jewelry displayed in a beautiful space saving way.

    I bought a bunch of vintage drawer pulls and knobs (some from Anthropologie) and screwed them into the wall in a nicely random way and i hang my jewelry from them.


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