Friday, July 9, 2010

if i fell.

...if i fell in love with you
would you promise to be true
and help me understand?
'cause i've been in love before
and i found that love was more
than just holding hands...
introducing if i fell. it's my daughter's blog. 
no surprise, i guess. 
would it be okay to say that i'm beaming with pride? 
i've never told my kids what to do, or what to like, 
but i have to admit, it's really, really fun 
having a daughter that gets me, 
so follow along 
and show her some love. 
won't you?

 first blog post from if i fell. 

"Hello there! Out of all the wacky sites on the internet, I don’t know how you stumbled upon my little corner of the world. But whatever the case, I’m glad that you did. So get cozy and keep on reading. Pinky swear I’ll keep it interesting. Here, my future friends, is my very first blog post. In these pages you will witness my personal views on fashion, music, celebrities, art, and life through the eyes of a fourteen year old girl.

An avid blogger herself, my mom is very much to blame for the birth of this blog. I have spent many days peering over her petite shoulders and watched her upload photos, post witty tweets, colorful blog posts, Facebook updates,  and even do a little online shopping. When I was just a kid, some of my childhood, “picture books” were Vogue, Elle, Instyle and beyond. I was raised by my stereotypical California parents, a surfer dad and a beautiful fashionista mom. From this you can guess, that I was definitely the best dressed kid learning the alphabet. It’s no wonder since, my mom used me as her little dress-up doll.

Through the years, I have been very observant of fashion around me. I’m tired of keeping my inspiration and thoughts to myself so, It’s time for me to start sharing. Comments are appreciated and always read :). All right? Well, I’m going to wrap this up now. But have no fear! This blog post is only one of many to come in the near future."

now, click over here, follow along and read the rest...
i have a feeling the best is yet to come...