Friday, July 2, 2010

just another day in paradise.

some of the things we saw. did. today.
alex bought a 'new' t-shirt from flashbacks
{a vintage store}. 
my family has a crazy obsession with t-shirts.
i especially love this one. oh, and the kid, too!
saw these trailers at camp.
some people really travel in style. 
we visited surfy surfy today. don't ya love the sign?
the flowers, too. amazing. you know i love, love, love flowers.
fins. i love how fins catch the sunlight.
a dolphin skull.
eclectic collectic. surfy surfy has interesting stuff everywhere you look.
cool old school boards. surfboards glassed by moonlight. i love those people.
colors and shapes to drool over.
cool small tree art. 
hippie bracelets. $3.

and feathers. 
we bought a wetsuit, another awesome t-shirt.
then headed to seaside market for thai panang curry tofu bowls.
was truly another day in paradise. simple. yet special.

wishing everyone a super happy fourth of july weekend!
enjoy. be safe. love each other.
peace out.


  1. Ah, Kerri you have such a glamorous, boho, surfer life!!!!

  2. What a picturesque sounding day! LOVE the tee, by the way. Happy 4th to you and your gorgeous family, Kerri!


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