Friday, July 16, 2010

peace. project. and a giveaway.



i love this magical place. 
tucked behind a darling boutique.
when i saw it yesterday, my first thought was ohhh,
i wish i could spend the rest of the day here...
all i'd need is an iced tea, some jack johnson playing quietly, 
a big bowl of fresh, chopped tropical fruit and magazines to read {lots of magazines!}

a simple, inviting place like this reminds me 
that you don't need much to create 
your own special space at home.
an area for relaxing, regrouping, being.

i think i'm going to call it the peace project. 

okay, so now for the giveaway....

a little bit of summer fun.

 the Dear & Yonder dvd. 
daring stories of women from the sea. 
{a surf flick}.
a Roxy cd.

on facebook
 leave a comment there, 
tell me what you're doing for summer fun! 
I'll randomly choose a winner on monday.

the winner gets both the dvd and the cd. 
summer fun.


  1. What a dreamy place I'd give everything to lay there with iced tea music and sea breeze gorgeous love it!! I'm still stucked in milan working and therapy for my wrist (hate it!) as soon as I can i'll reach our country cotrage to relax go to the beach and eat fresh fruits wearing almost nothing caftan and flip fops!!

  2. Sounds perfect Carlotta! Hopefully, soon you can do just that!

  3. that little place is absolutely divine - i wish i could find a little place for a space like that ....hmmmm ... maybe i could! thanks for the inspiration!
    we're spending the rest of the summer beating the heat & using our new BBQ.
    and then i get to redo the master bath! happy birthday to me!

  4. I am loving the space here too- how lucky you are to have somewhere like this so close by! My summer plans involve sitting in the comfy chair in the sun porch with an ice cold diet coke and my trusty note book and pen. I am working on a book so I like to take the opportunity to soak in some sun while I can. The garden is surrounded by large old trees and I can pretend I am in a secret clearing in an ancient forest- very inspiring!

    I hope your summer is filled with infinite sunsets and awesome waves!

    Nate. Xxx


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