Friday, July 30, 2010

harry potter. florida. and gratitude.

 i am looking forward to getting on with things...i am going to florida next week with my mother-in-law and my daughter...i can't wait for our trip. we will be going to the wizarding world of harry potter and to epcot {i haven't been to europe, yet, so this should be fun!}. i have never been to orlando either, so i am really excited! we will also be staying in south florida near captiva and sanibel. two beautiful, beautiful beaches that i have visited before and just love. these vintage-y photos and postcards of florida have really inspired me to snap a lot of photos while i'm there. my mother-in-law's house is pink, built in the early '50's. i can't wait to see it again {it had to be completely remodeled after a hurricane charlie}. my daughter will also be posting about our trip to see harry potter in orlando {she's a huge HP fan!} when we return.

"It is our choices, Harry, 

that show what we truly are, 
far more than our abilities."
{via Harry Potter and the Chamber Of Secrets} 

gorgeous polaroid photos of florida on etsy.

also, i'm thinking about getting back to my daily gratitude journal and i have a fun idea for that. i read about a lady that emails something that she's grateful for everyday to her friend and the friend emails back something that she's grateful for...i thought twitter would be a great place for just that, so when i get back, i'm planning to post once a day something i'm grateful for, would love it if you'd do the's an empowering exercise, i've gotten away from and desperately need to get back to...

i'd love to hear any thoughts, ideas, 
about things to do, places to eat or shop
in orlando or south florida...
hope y'all have a beautiful weekend!