Wednesday, July 21, 2010

what i want now!

here's just a few things from my 'i want it now!' list:

the white v-neck tee and skinny jeans {like above} 
is my usual go-to look, simple with lots of accessories. 
that's my style and  you can never have too many white tees.
...but i am diggin' this dress from lamixx on etsy. i want it now! 
{i'd wear it with black leggings and 
sandals, a long necklace, 
many colorful wrist wraps and gold bangles
and colorful, gilded earrings now 
and biker boots 
{i just bought these at a vintage store for $8, they sell online for $65}, 

a pretty scarf, big, silver earrings 
and loads of leather wrist wraps in the fall}.
i wanted these shoes for awhile. {they're $89 at zappos, 
i found them yesterday for $35 at Marshall's!}
I couldn't resist. 
 I love sexy sandals.

and this bag! i'm lovin' this bag by jenni20 on etsy!
it's in my favorites!
what can i say? 
bright colors make me soooo happy!

i like this bag, too. 
perfect for shopping. i love to tote a big bag to throw all my purchases in
....just say no to plastic!

i'm a stylist at heart. i know what i want and i shop and shop
till i find the best deal. 
i have expensive taste when it comes to shoes and bags, 
i have to find them on sale or at a discount 
or i'd never be able to have sooo many shoes...and soo many bags.
{it's an addiction of sorts}. 

these two bags are both soo affordable and so unique! 
i want them both!

what's on your 'i want it now' list?