Saturday, September 25, 2010

dance with me.

today my inspiration is fueled by this song and video.
i have been listening to this song over and over again for a few days
...{it's the OCD in me,
i have a tendency to listen to something so many times
that it becomes a part of me}...
there's something about this song that makes me
really, really happy,
and best of all, super motivated...
to set some new goals and MAKE things happen!
{not a bad thing to OCD on}.

found via {honestly...WTF}.

so, today:
1. it's early morning yoga
{temperatures are going to reach over 100 today, got to get it in early}.
2. a serious revisit of my goals, need to take some big steps...this week...
3. some creative time set aside to get the 'art' in my head to materialize. {sometimes, there's so many ideas in my brain that they get lost not 'made'}.
4. some 'paperwork' time...
invoices, checks, orders, shipments {the fun stuff :)}.
in other words, time to get out the calendar and write these things down.

today, this song is going to take me there...

what's motivating you this morning?

maybe you'd like to dance with me and find out...