Thursday, September 30, 2010


she was a girl who dreamt with her eyes wide open. she dreamt of love. she dreamt of escape. she dreamt of traveling. she dreamt of fantasy. she dreamt of parties. she dreamt of hiding and of course, she dreamt of cupcakes.


  1. and she dreamt of her very own space where the children didn't come and tangle her threads or cut pins with her scissors or leave fingerprints on the fresh cloth. x

  2. oh yes! her own space....ahhhhh....what a dream...

    a door is what i wish space is mine, but there is no door, which makes it 'open to the public'. my children take my ruler, my scissors, my sharpies, my camera....and we share 'my' computer which means every time i sit down, i have to re-sign into facebook... ;)


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