Monday, September 20, 2010

grey with a pop of pink.

i am really, really into grey right now.
graphite. chrome. aluminum. 
smoke. charcoal. shadow. 
silver. nickel. lead.
grey or gray.
whatever you call it. i love it!
i am totally feeling heathered sweaters, 
wool scarves, tights, lace, corduroy.
sweats and  vintage gym tees.
all things grey.
but the 'color obsession' in me
can't seem to keep from surfacing...
so for this fun, early morning photo shoot...
i pulled greys, some creams and some black,
i snuck in some pink...
here's a few snapshots from 
 saturday's early morning shoot 
with photographer stephen simpson.
{note: the vintage leopard coat and hat
were strictly for fun...and my sweet friend alex
who reminded me several times last week 
that i had such a coat and hat buried deep in the closet 
 which i promised to share a photo it is
and no, i would never wear them together, 
although i am thinkin' 
that the coat would look pretty darn cute 
with a pair of rolled up, destroyed, skinny jeans 
and some high heeled boots!}.