Friday, September 10, 2010

it's kind of a funny story.

i'm not much of a 'movie' person. 
never have been.
it's hard for me to sit still for that long, honestly,
but we went to see The American last week
and i was so excited about the upcoming movies 
that i can't wait to go back {soon}. 

i can't stop thinking about this movie.
i am totally ready for the ride.
people who saw it at sundance 
suggest that you don't watch the trailer
but i saw it at the theater. it's a true story.
a documentary. catfish.

i also really want to see this movie
with emma roberts.

it looks sweet, real-ish and funny. 
totally my type of movie 
{valentine's day and 500 days of summer are recent favorites}
i'm not into scary {at all, i'm a total scaredy cat}, 
but this looks really good.

i think it's going to be a cold, california fall 
and i think i'll be at the movies more than usual, 
bundled up with a chai latte in one hand 
and my sweetie's hand {tightly} in the other.


  1. I just saw the preview for "Let Me In" tonight, so want to see it! I love scary movies but have been sorely disappointed in recent years. I hope this one is actually thrilling.

  2. I love staying in and watching movies in the winter. Especially on Sunday mornings!


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