Thursday, September 16, 2010

k-kinda busy.

forgive me. things have been 'good' busy lately 
and i haven't had much time for posting or treasuries. 
but, lots of exciting things are happening 
and that's keeping me creating 
rather than computing.

i know, i know, everyone is busy.
that's why i say 'good' busy. 
i never complain about being b u s y.

here a few images inspiring me this week.
just random pics i found throughout the week
that fuel the fire.

ippolita jewelry. stunning. vera wang tulle dress. want it!
yves mohawk shoe in pink. crazy cool.

love the ombre hair.
{i did mine. i love it}.

random beauty from 
love the dresses.

awesome shirt from every little counts.
i am a crazy francophile these days.

i want this bedroom.
it's totally me. simply said.
i am totally into love not conflict.
this feeling inspires most of my work. 
love, peace and beauty.
* * *
and on the personal side,

i spend my afternoons with these two.
always lots of laughs. 

i spend my nights with this one.
more laughs.

i spend lunch with this one.
my son comes home for lunch everyday, 
but spends most of his day at school or work.
i am crazy about this kid. 
he takes more of my energy
than anything else in my life, really.
it's just the way it's always been 
and i wouldn't have it any other way.

when he's not working or going to school, 
you'll find alex in the bowl or in the water.
my son is an awesome skater and surfer.
where he works, they have
a huge wood bowl built next to an italian bakery...
so it always smells like fresh baked bread
....aka the bread bowl. 

mango is my full-time assistant.

tiki keeps an eye on things.

that is when she's not sleeping.
superman arms. her classic sleeping position.

and then there's tipper.

who is in constant competition for my attention 
with all of the above.