Sunday, September 5, 2010

kerri's secret.

i love this tee. i'm getting it. 
i'm happily married with teenagers, so
i couldn't wear this to the grocery store...
everybody knows me. 
but i want it anyway, so i'll sleep in it.

i am so not into labels on clothes,
it's just not 'me' anymore . 
there was a day when i wore lots of tees that said 
RVCA, roxy, billabong, 
or somethin' else on them, 
i no longer make myself a walking billboard, 
{especially after my daughter went through her abercrombie phase a few years ago, 
i just totally got turned off on the 'advertising' part of it}. 
individuality is soooo much cooler.

but, i'm an honest girl and i do have some exceptions...
i love VS PINK. 
{that's not really a secret, 
i mentioned in an earlier post months ago 
that i can't seem to stop buying their PINK underwear and bras...
i have since moved on to their VS line, 
sticking mostly with their lace-y, grown-up bras and panties}.  
 I don't sport too many things with the logo on it, 
but i have to admit there are a few pieces in my closet 
and i especially love the sweats and tee shirts. 
i draw the line at anything written across my butt 
{1) my husband hates it 
2) i am not in HS/college anymore}.
so, here goes,
 a few things on my 
'need to run to Victoria's Secret this week' list...

i love this sweatshirt.
it's inside out, vintage-y looking. cute!

i'll wear this for 
weekend 'wave check 'mornings.

i won't wear it with these sweats {overkill}, 
but i do love these skinny sweats
and i will wear these with a plain white tee to run errands. 
{hey, it's not across the butt, i think i can get away with them}

i love these from VS, too!
a different look for a different day.
{note to self: need to get a sexy henley}

and while i'm there, i'll stock up on my basics.
i love their PINK slub deep v-neck tees! 
like, really love them!