Thursday, September 9, 2010

uh, i wanna be on the cover of foam magazine.

...smiling next to katy and the Kings.
i handpick the boutiques i want my jewelry to hang out in.
{like a girl chooses the perfect birthday card for her BFF}. 
i visit or hear or read of a place 
that i think would be a great fit 
and i go after it.
often times i'm lucky 
and theses special boutiques 
find me.
i love each and every small shop that tenthings.
is lucky enough to spend time in.
i am a small shop girl.
S H O P * S M A L L * S H O P S
between tenthings. and my boutique orders, 
i am very, very happy.
{always looking for more small boutiques...hint, hint, hint}.
there's just one thing:
i want to be in a magazine.
i know it sounds funny. 
i'm not a supermodel, 
an actress 
or someone super cool like blake from TOM'S, 
just a simple girl 
who wants to be in a magazine.
oh wait, it's not me that i want to see in a magazine, 
it's my jewelry. yes, tenthings.

so, i'm just putting it out there...
do you hear me?
the cover would be awesome, 
but i'd be just as thrilled with a small shout out.