Friday, September 10, 2010

what's your go-to piece?

this week, 356 Days of Style posed the question 
 on their weekly style question series:

What's your LBD, your go-to piece?

here's what i said:

it's pretty simple, for me, my go-to piece is a white v-neck tee. i have many. 
i wear one at least twice a week with jeans and loads of jewelry. 
for dress up, i wear it with a black lace mini skirt, tights and biker boots. 
i buy a 6-pack of Hanes Premiums at Target {mens small} on a regular basis. 
this way i always have a fresh, looking 'new' tee. 
my current favorites are the Victoria's Secret Slub V-necks
they have a deeper cut V that is really sexy with a lace-y bra underneath. 
{they're two for $24, so you can get them in many colors}.
pretty simple, but that's my go-to piece. 


what's your -go-to- piece?