Thursday, November 11, 2010

chasing beauty.

 there are days when i seriously feel as if i'm 
chasing beauty all day.
...not that that's a bad thing, 
but i have soo much work to do, 
at times i feel more  like a dog at the beach 
{first chasing a ball, then a bird that flies by 
and then another dog...} than a working artist.
so much gorgeousness to take in...
you know, one thing leads to another 
and before you know it, 
you've spent all day chasing beautiful things.
so, this morning, 
in the midst of writing emails, ordering supplies, 
checking my shop, twitter, facebook 
and making my daughter 
delicious raisin bread french toast 
{she's off school today},
i found this shop on etsy...

a pretty little shop 
filled with lovely little things.

what can i say, i love chasing beauty.