Sunday, November 14, 2010

new. tuesdays at tenthings.

tenthings. jewelry. love. feathers. 
is going to offer a little something fun 
every tuesday for a limited time,
a few select items will be available 
at a discounted price. 
perfect for holiday gift giving 
or as a little special present to yourself.
all pieces come packaged in tenthings.
signature tiffany blue box ready for giving.
today,  a sneak peek at the item{s} 
that will be on sale for $19.60
...tomorrow only.

  inspired by vintage crystal chandeliers.

and images like these 
from j.crew and free people.

crush. vintage-inspired earrings.

i couldn't help myself, 
but to include some vintage-style beauties
tenthings. jewelry. love. feathers. '
holiday collection.

they're simple, 
yet stunning tear drop earrings,
perfect for a black tie event. 
adorable with jeans and a tee.
nothing says special occasion like crystals,
even if it is just a quick trip to starbuck's 
for a chai tea latte.

normally $28
special tuesday price :: $19.60

crush. vintage pink.

crush. vintage blue velvet.

simple and sweet.
more vintage inspired designs coming soon.
why? because i love them!

tuesday, november 16th only.

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  1. I LOVE these earrings. What a great idea. It's funny, I was going to convo you today to brainstorm some sort of thing like this... and you're WAY ahead of me. AWESOME!


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